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Revitalize Anti Aging Medical Centers are leading the battle to make our later years every bit as good, or better, than those that came before. We are committed to a comprehensive, integrative approach to wellness that looks at the overall needs of each patient and devises a comprehensive physical and mental rejuvenation plan. With the right approach to wellness, middle-aged and older people of the 21st century can enjoy a quality of life past generations could never have imagined.

Our founder, noted Los Angeles physician Dr. Steven J. Varkony, believes that it’s time modern medicine aims higher when it comes to improving the quality and vitality of patients’ lives. People today are not only living longer than ever, but they are also maintaining active working and social lives well into decades once written off as the “golden years” of retirement. Even so, dealing with nagging health issues – both minor and major – can make keeping up with today’s extremely fast-paced lifestyle difficult at best.

We focus a great deal on eliminating the unpleasant side-effects of menopause and its male equivalent, andropause. These problems range from hot flashes, low energy, mood swings, and declines in sex-drive in women to such frequent male concerns as decreased energy and muscle strength, erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, and low testosterone-driven weight gain. Many of our treatments are also useful for all genders in terms of preventing serious illnesses that can drastically reduce not only the length of our lives but their quality. Revitalize Anti Aging Centers are treating patients from throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area and beyond with a holistic approach to ensuring that our patients remain vital in every way.

Everyone gets older – if we’re lucky. If you want to maintain your health, increase your energy levels, and improve your sex drive, Revitalize Anti Aging Centers are here to help. To get started, contact us via our contact page.

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