Anti Aging Medicine for Increased Sexual Wellness

Aging can negatively impact the sexual wellness of both men and women – and hampered hormone production is by far the most frequent culprit. Anti aging medicine such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) at Revitalize Anti-Aging Centers, however, can counteract the diminishing production of key hormones in the body as we age, dramatically improving sexual wellness.

What Effects Can Aging Have on Sexual Wellness?

Hormone production affects virtually every biological process in the body, including those associated with sexual wellness. Symptoms may include:

  • Decreased interest in sex (low libido)
  • An inability to achieve sexual satisfaction
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Vaginal dryness in women (leading to painful sex)
  • Reduced stamina and/or diminished physical ability

What Can an Anti Aging Center Do for Sexual Wellness?

As a leading anti aging center, we examine the causes of symptoms to see whether the problem is hormonal or related to another health issue. Once we have ruled out non-hormonal causes, we offer treatments like BHRT – bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – to combat the effects of reduced hormone production in the body. For men, this typically means replenishing testosterone levels; for women, there are more hormones involved, most frequently estrogen and testosterone. (Contrary to what many people assume, testosterone is present in women, but in lower amounts than men.)

After Hormone Replacement, Patients Report Improved Sexual Wellness

Over time, as the body reacts to the newly introduced hormones, patients may feel improvements across the board relating to their sexual wellness and, very often, their overall sense of health and vitality.

Visit an Anti Aging Clinic in Los Angeles

If you feel that aging may have limited your ability to find sexual satisfaction and want to do something about it, then a visit to the leading anti aging clinic in Los Angeles will be a big step in the right direction.

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