Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
for Men

At Revitalize Anti Aging Centers in Encino, we specialize in helping patients look and feel younger through advanced 21st-century treatments, including BHRT for men.

A man’s ability to produce testosterone diminishes with age. The resulting side effects can include a wide range of distressing symptoms from fatigue to loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle and bone strength, as well as heart disease. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men, however, is a naturally-derived solution to restore a man’s testosterone to more youthful levels to counter these undesirable health problems.

A More Natural Anti Aging Solution

BHRT is chemically identical to hormones that are naturally produced within our bodies. Therefore, BHRT better integrates with the body’s internal cycles – something that synthetically-produced HRT may not do as efficiently. BHRT hormones are derived from plant-based sources ensuring that no artificial ingredients are included.

BHRT for men is used to treat a variety of issues associated with hormone imbalance, including but not limited to:

The symptoms above denote only a handful of the changes associated with hormone imbalances. While BHRT is not a miracle cure, it may help improve some or most of these symptoms with continued use.

Regarding BHRT specifically for men, this hormone treatment aims to counteract the decrease in testosterone that is generally associated with aging. However, BHRT treatment may also offer benefits for younger men with low testosterone levels as well, a condition known as hypogonadism.

How Is BHRT Administered?

There are three primary methods of prescribing BHRT to men: by injection, using a topical cream or gel, and via implanted pellets. We offer all of these options, but sustained-release pellets are a very popular choice, as this method offers the most consistent results as well as greater convenience. With pellets, the hormone is released gradually and consistently into the bloodstream over several months.

This means that patients don’t need to worry about remembering when to take their medication – a few quick office visits per year are all that’s required for ongoing treatment. As an added benefit, there’s virtually no risk of children or pets being accidentally exposed as there might be with topical creams or gels.

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Questions and Answers about
Testosterone Replacement for Men

With hormone pellets, there is no need for oral preparations, creams, gels, or injections. That means that the possibility of forgetting to take doses or having anyone – including children and pets – accidentally come into contact with hormones is eliminated.

Patients generally obtain relief from unwanted symptoms of low estrogen or testosterone levels within the first two weeks. Most people begin to feel better after only one or two days.

Bioidentical hormone replacement pellets have been found to produce more consistent blood hormone levels than one would get with intermittent dosing with creams, gels, or injections.

Hormone blood levels are checked every few months. The patient returns to our offices three to four times a year for a quick, relatively painless, pellet insertion.

The hormones are derived from plant sources, mainly soy or yams, and are comprised of compounds that are very similar to what our bodies naturally produce.

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