Choosing an Anti Aging Clinic

It’s vital to use great care when selecting an anti aging clinic. If you’re a woman suffering from hot flashes or a man dealing with erectile dysfunction, for example, it’s only natural to want to obtain treatment quickly. Nevertheless, your health is on the line and it’s important to be selective.

Effectively treating the symptoms of aging – the most intractable of all health conditions – requires a great deal of medical knowledge to ensure safe and successful treatment. Moreover, not every provider is equally qualified or equally responsible.

Specifically, it’s important to make certain you are working with an outstanding medical team supervised by a reputable physician. They should also have the ability to provide the best available treatments that have proven effective.


What Does a Superior Anti Aging Center Offer?

At Revitalize Anti Aging Centers, we have a consistent track record of success helping people deal with the side-effects of aging…which can often start while we’re still in our thirties. We operate under the direction of our physician-led team of leading medical experts.

Here is a breakdown of what we offer: 

  • Hormone therapy is arguably the most powerful anti aging treatment available for both women and men. For better outcomes, we employ bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) which can be administered in several ways, including sustained release pellets for greater convenience and accuracy in dosing.
  • Vitamin optimization promotes overall wellness and youthful vigor by ensuring complete nutrition. First, we conduct extensive testing to make sure that a patient’s body has the key nutrients it needs to carry out essential processes. If needed, we then prescribe the supplementation and/or dietary changes needed to address the issue.
  • Heart testing can serve as a benchmark for your health and help you make lifestyle changes to ensure ongoing health and vigor.
  • Non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation and plastic surgery are also available to help patients obtain an appearance that better matches the way they feel on the inside.

More Questions about Anti Aging Treatments?

If you are interested in BHRT and other means of fighting the unwanted impacts of aging but are also concerned about interactions and other potential issues, a consultation at our Los Angeles area center can be the first safe step into a healthier and happier future. To schedule your consultation, visit our contact page or call the number on your screen. We’ve helped patients from Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills from throughout Southern California and beyond. We can help you too.