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Muscle loss, also known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscles in the body weaken, deteriorate, and reduce in size. This leads to a loss of muscle mass. There are a few key reasons why someone might experience muscle loss:

The symptoms of muscle loss are often quite noticeable. Someone experiencing this might feel fatigued, weak, or frequently sore and achy. Daily tasks like climbing stairs, carrying items, or even walking can become much more difficult. Why does this matter? Loss of muscle mass can negatively impact physical functioning and quality of life. It also leads to further health issues like weakened immune system, poor balance increasing falls risks, and reduced ability to manage blood sugar levels. There are a few key ways to prevent and manage loss of muscle mass: In summary, loss of muscle mass is a common condition with many contributing factors. Staying active, eating nutritious protein-rich foods, addressing health conditions, and using targeted supplements can help promote healthy muscle maintenance - especially as we age. Maintaining muscle is crucial for mobility, vitality and health.

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