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Muscle loss, also known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle cells shrink or degrade as a result of disuse, poor nutrition, aging, or disease. This leads to reduced muscle strength, mass, and performance. Some key points about muscle loss include:

So, in summary, muscle loss is the wasting or atrophy of muscle tissue that can negatively impact strength, function, and metabolism. Engaging in resistance exercise, eating a high-protein diet, and treating any underlying illnesses can help prevent and treat the problem. Maintaining muscle is crucial for health and function as we age! How much muscle mass do people lose with age? Research shows adults can lose around 3-5% per decade after age 30. Those over 65 may lose muscle mass more rapidly. Illness, poor nutrition, and inactivity make muscle loss worse. What exercises are best for preventing muscle loss? Lifting weights, resistance bands, bodyweight exercises that progressively challenge muscles are best. Aim for major muscle groups 2-3x a week. Yoga and Pilates can also help strengthen muscles. I hope this gives you a comprehensive overview of muscle loss - let me know if you have any other questions!

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