Hormone Treatment Interactions

While there are many benefits to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), interactions are possible if sufficient care is not taken. Specifically, the positive effects of hormone treatment can be altered, negated, or made adverse when taken alongside certain medications. Hormones for women may tend to be somewhat more reactive with medicines, while hormones for men typically only react with anticoagulants, autoimmune disorder drugs, and some medications for high cholesterol. Even so, other interactions are possible.

When patients come in for an initial consultation at our Encino hormone therapy center, they should provide a complete list of all medications they take. At that time, we can carefully screen them for possible negative interactions. If these are an issue, we typically can make adjustments so that patients can take necessary medication while also benefiting from BHRT.

What About Supplements?

Many people who are interested in BHRT and other anti aging treatments are already taking several supplements in an attempt to stave off aging and maintain good health. While many supplements are helpful, others may be less effective. Moreover, certain supplements can interact with hormone therapy to produce unintended consequences. Therefore, along with a list of medications, it is also important to provide us with complete information about any supplements you are taking so we can make whatever changes may be advisable. While sometimes this may mean discontinuing certain supplements, our vitamin optimization program may offer ways to significantly improve your overall nutritional intake.

More Questions about Anti Aging Treatments?

If you are interested in BHRT and other means of fighting the unwanted impacts of aging but are also concerned about interactions and other potential issues, a consultation at our Los Angeles area center can be the first safe step into a healthier and happier future. To schedule your consultation, visit our contact page or call the number on your screen. We’ve helped patients from Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills from throughout Southern California and beyond. We can help you too.