Male Testosterone Replacement via Sustained-Release Pellets

Men who may have already learned something about male hormone replacement may wonder about how the testosterone is actually taken. There are several ways to take testosterone including via creams, gels, and injections. In most cases, however, we believe the best choice is sustained-release pellets and patients nearly always agree.

To begin with, pellets are the simplest and most convenient option. Patients can visit our Revitalize Anti Aging Centers once every three to four months and let the pellet take over from there. We use a local anesthetic when we inject the pellet, so the process is essentially painless. Once in place, the pellet delivers a steady dosage of hormones into the bloodstream; the patient is not required to do anything else until the replacement is needed several months later. Not only is there no risk of the patient forgetting the take the treatment, taking the wrong dosage, or losing the medication, but there is also no need to worry about children or pets accidentally ingesting the hormone.


Hormone Replacement for Men

While several hormones can impact a man’s quality of life and health, declines in the body’s production of testosterone are the most frequent source of unwanted symptoms. As men age, their testosterone levels decrease – a process that usually begins at age 50 or later. Men often experience a range of troubling symptoms including erectile dysfunction and reduced interest in sex, chronic fatigue, depression, weight gain. Male bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses the aforementioned sustained-release pellets to replenish the body’s supply of testosterone, which can alleviate many of the worst symptoms men experience while aging.


Revitalize Anti Aging Centers Can Help

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