Reduced Hormone Levels in Men Can Lead to Serious Ailments

As men age, the production of testosterone and other vital hormones begins to decline. This decrease tends to accelerate in men around the age of 40 to 50 and is associated with an increased risk for developing heart disease, decreased muscle and bone mass, chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and reduced libido (sex drive). Hormone replacement therapy for men can limit or reverse many of the worst symptoms of this decline in testosterone, and the latest techniques for treatment are both more effective and more convenient than ever.

Symptoms of Reduced Hormone Production in Men

Several high-profile ailments are associated with low testosterone in men, including the following.

Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Problems

The exact nature of the relationship between low testosterone and poor cardiovascular health isn’t fully understood, and it remains unclear whether low testosterone is the cause or a symptom of another factor. Nevertheless, testosterone hormone therapy is known to improve other symptoms of diminishing hormone production, which may offer some benefit for cardiovascular health.

Decreased Muscle and Bone Mass

Testosterone plays a vital role in producing and maintaining muscle and bone mass in men. When testosterone levels decrease, men may experience an inability to build muscle in addition to losing bone mass, which can lead to an increased risk for fractures.

Chronic Fatigue and Reduced Sex Drive

Reduced testosterone can cause chronic fatigue, reduced sex drive, and erectile dysfunction as well. While these conditions are not necessarily life-threatening, they can lead to a lower quality of life.

More About Testosterone Replacement

In addition to increasing energy levels, hormone therapy can also serve as treatment for erectile dysfunction and improve sex drive in men.

Testosterone can be replaced with creams, gels, injections, or sustained-release pellets. The latter are injected under the skin every few months and release a consistent amount of testosterone daily.

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