The Role of Hormones in Aging

Many of the most unwanted impacts of aging directly relate to changes in the production of hormones – the chemical messengers that tell our body what to do. Produced by glands in our endocrine system, the chemical compositions of the hormones themselves remain the same. What changes is that the body gradually produces fewer and fewer hormones over time and, with fewer instructions, our body does less of the things we would like it to do. Specifically, sex hormones dramatically decrease with age in both males and females and the impacts are dramatic for all of us.

Menopause: Declining Sex Hormones in Women

As a woman’s reproductive system begins to change and her periods become irregular, there is a sharp decline in the production of three key hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. (Contrary to what many people assume, testosterone is present in women as well as men, but in smaller amounts.). The drop in hormone production is primarily responsible for the side-effects we commonly associate with menopause: hot flashes, depression and/or mood swings, irritability, night sweats, weight gain or loss, decreased sexual drive, fatigue, and often an overall decline in a woman’s quality of life.

Andropause: Declining Sex Hormones in Men

A decline in testosterone marks the arrival of andropause (sometimes referred to as “male menopause”). It most commonly begins in men aged 50 or higher but can occur in younger men as well. Prominent effects of reduced testosterone include fatigue, depression, insomnia, reduced muscle mass and weight gain, as well as decreased sex drive and infertility.

BHRT Can Reverse Hormonal Changes in Both Men and Women

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) offered by our anti aging clinic in Encino near Sherman Oaks can combat the effects of aging in both men and women by giving the body what it needs to stay young. We offer a variety of different delivery methods, including sustained-replace pellets that only require an office visit once every three to four months.

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