Hormone Replacement for Women: When to Start?

Testosterone is typically thought of as a male hormone, but it is also present in women, though in a relatively small amount. It nevertheless plays a big role in a woman’s health and quality of life. Testosterone is believed to serve several functions in women, including:

  • Regulating libido
  • Influencing the reproductive process
  • Producing blood cells

As with men, women’s testosterone levels tend to drop over time. Many women in their forties will see their testosterone levels halved as part of menopause. Symptoms of this decline can include decreased sex drive, decreased sexual satisfaction, depression, and fatigue.

Testosterone Therapy for Women Can Help

Bioidentical testosterone replacement for women can take several forms but most patients prefer sustained-release pellets that require minimal attention from the patient while maximizing safety; pellets, unlike creams or gels, cannot be accidentally ingested by children or pets. With just a few visits a year, women can enjoy more energy and a better mood without having to worry about remembering to take their daily dosages. Moreover, since the hormones are virtually identical to those found in the body (hence the term “bioidentical”), there’s little risk of patients having side effects sometimes associated with synthetic hormones.


Revitalize Anti Aging Centers Can Treat Women with Low Testosterone

Testosterone therapy for women and many other highly effective treatments are available now at Revitalize Anti Aging Centers. Care is supervised by a leading board-certified physician and a team of highly qualified medical professionals.

More Questions about Anti Aging Treatments?

If you are interested in BHRT and other means of fighting the unwanted impacts of aging but are also concerned about interactions and other potential issues, a consultation at our Los Angeles area center can be the first safe step into a healthier and happier future. To schedule your consultation, visit our contact page or call the number on your screen. We’ve helped patients from Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills from throughout Southern California and beyond. We can help you too.